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Adventure parks, Family fun, chablais and region

A multitude of possibilities are available to you. Whether for young or old, with family or friends, the Chablais region offers a wide range of activities for fun and a change of scenery.

Bex Salt Mines

You will be fascinated by this underground universe. The Bex Salt Mines, which consist of numerous galleries where shafts, stairs and rooms can be found, some of which extend up to fifty kilometres. During the visit of these captivating underground tunnels, you will be able to discover the most astonishing, specific and varied technical principles of salt mining conducted since 1684. Following an audio-visual preamble on history, the miners’ wagons will lead you through the galleries of the salt massif.

Visit the salt mines site or ask for the brochure at reception.


Aquaparc is a park built to entertain young and old with temperatures from 28° to 32° all year round. Indeed, ideal for sharing a moment with the family, everyone will find their happiness there thanks to the wave pool, the current river and the pirate boat for the youngest, and on the other hand, the well-being and relaxation area for parents. The Booster Loop and the 7 gigantic slides offer you a guaranteed thrill. In summer, enjoy the shoreline where the fine sand offers a beach that is unique in French-speaking Switzerland.

Visit the site of this water park or ask for the brochure at the reception.

Swiss Steam Park

In the Bouveret region, not far from where the Rhône flows into Lake Geneva, the Swiss Steam Park offers a concentration of miniature attractions; here you will find the train routes, among the most fascinating in Europe. Located in the middle of a vast green park, an impressive number of steam locomotives take young and old alike on a journey to discover a railway kingdom that leaves you dreaming and fascinated.


The largest amusement park in Switzerland, in Sierre, Valais. Among other things, you will find 3D Simulator, Caroussels of all kinds, giant slides and the famous wild fast rivers, including the highest in Switzerland!

Adventure Labyrinth

Visit the world’s largest permanent labyrinth. With its 25’000 m2 this labyrinth is the ideal place for adventurers of all ages. More than fifty attractions await you, including a thirty-metre high tower to spend an unforgettable time with your family.

Zoo des Marecottes

Not far from Champéry, Les Marecottes is 35 minutes away. The Alpine Zoological Park can be reached by car or train; it is only 5 minutes from the station. You will discover the majority of the wildlife species of our mountains in their natural setting.

Fun Planet

Fun-planet is a fun centre where you will find games for families and challenges with friends thanks to the Karting circuit and the many bowling alleys. Sharpen your shooting on pool tables, or with computer games. While the grown-ups have fun, the little ones… also have fun in the children’s area.


This Valais dam is the most important marvel of modern construction techniques. With a base as wide as that of the pyramids in Egypt, the Grande-Dixence is however twice as high, twice as voluminous and thus much heavier. This historic structure receives water from 35 Valais glaciers and thus sets new records.

Queen fights

Cow fights take place every year around spring. The type of cow that competes is a specific breed called the Hérens cow, named after the valley of its origin. This race shines when walking. She therefore travels easily in difficult terrain. Equipped with an ardent and belligerent temperament that manifests itself in a paroxysmal dominance ritual, these cows, completely black or at least dark brown, are naturally measured in a duel. Its character was the basis for the organization of queen fights. These demonstrations usually involve hundreds of cows, and the winner is then declared “Queen” by the jury. Dates : April- May – September

The underground lake of St Léonard

The largest underground lake is more than 300 metres long and about 20 metres deep. The Lac Souterrain de St-Léonard lies between Sion and Sierre, in the heart of the Valais. The formation of the Alps following the Ice Age has thus left its mark. You can sail there and imagine that you can see from below, the roots of the vines so precious in the Valais. You are then under a layer of soil 30 to 70 metres below the vineyard.

Embark on the rowing boats with your 40 teammates for a journey in complete silence where your guides (speaking several languages) guide you through this captivating universe. During this guided trip of more than thirty minutes you will sail on crystal clear and pure waters.

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