Our Hotel and our Restaurant are currently closed as of April 8th until April 25th included. We will re-open on April 26th and the restaurant on Mai 2nd.

Even after Easter,

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Crowdfunding for the Espace Bien-être built next to the Beau-Séjour

We need your help to make our new SPA a unique place in Valais. Participate in our crowdfunding by helping us create a real alpine cocoon and benefit from top of the line rewards!



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Crowdfunding" is a term that means participatory financing. It aims to federate and gather a community of "sponsors" around a project expressing a need for financing. The sponsors allow the project to become a reality by becoming "contributors" and benefit in exchange, and at the level of the financing they have chosen, from one or more interesting, original or sometimes even completely offbeat "counterparts". The interest of the concept is that everyone wins and that communities of sponsors are created around a common project.

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To complete the offer of the valley, in Champéry, L'Art.Boutique.Hotel Beau-Séjour wishes to propose an authentic Wellness Space, a real alpine cocoon, for all the sport and nature lovers:

We searched for a long time for words that could quickly describe our project and frankly, apart from "GOOD, WARM and WET" we didn't find any :D

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Close your eyes... and breathe in...

"Breathe in ... breathe out ... close your eyes, take 2 minutes and think about yourself, for yourself. What are you looking for? A cocoon, a warm, comfortable space, a slight sound of water running behind you, the smell of old wood invades the room, the sunlight outside crosses your eyelids and gives your thoughts an orange tone, you could perceive your heartbeat slowing down. This calms you down and you open your eyes. Imposing mountains, peaks of more than 3000m, right there in front of you. What a selfish moment when you think of all those who are in traffic at the same time. It must be cool outside, but you are here, warm, and at this very moment you don't need to think about anything else but yourself. Besides, you've already forgotten that just yesterday you were finishing a big week of work, a bit on the knees."

Today the Art.Boutique.Hotel Beau-Séjour wants to make you and your friends (and their friends too) live this moment and offers you to participate in the financing of some elements that will make this SPA a unique place in the Val d'Illiez (the valley of water), in exchange for some not-so-small rewards!