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Boutique Hotel Boutique Hotel

What is a Boutique Hotel?

Boutique hotels are mostly privately owned and offer a family atmosphere. Their concept of high and personal service distinguishes them from standardized accommodations, national hotel chains and large hotels. The word "boutique" comes from the French and means small store. Anyone who has ever spent a vacation in France knows that these stores are privately and individually run and sell exclusive clothing and accessories and can therefore imagine finding these characteristics for an unforgettable vacation.

The history of boutique hotels

Historically, the first boutique hotels were built in the early 1980s in the major fashion capitals of the United States, but London is also one of the cradles of this type of exclusive hotel. These hotels are often furnished by well-known designers and outfitters and thus attract a media sensation. Over time, this trend has also prevailed in the metropolises of Europe and nowadays you can find beautiful boutique hotels in major cities such as Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Vienna. These are ideal for a trip to the city while enjoying the vacation in the most exclusive way.

The facilities of exclusive hotels

Every boutique hotel in the world exudes its own charm and is usually dedicated to a special theme. There are also hotels that do not have a uniform design, but try to meet the individual tastes of many guests with as many different themed rooms as possible. However, not only are the rooms equipped with extraordinary architecture and exclusive design, but also the bars and restaurants impress with an extraordinary atmosphere that is rarely found in international hotel chains or large hotels.

To ensure that peace and relaxation on vacation are not neglected, these exclusive hotels often have less than 100 rooms. These rooms are uniquely and modernly furnished and usually have Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Usually, these accommodations carry at least 3 stars, but most belong to the 4-star and above category. It is not uncommon for boutique hotels to be integrated into a complex of historical buildings, which emphasizes the exclusivity of this type of hotel.

Are boutique hotels suitable for families?

Yes, they are! Exclusive hotels are not only designed for design and art lovers or guests without children, but also appreciate families with children. Many of these hotels stand out for their family friendliness and warmly welcome even the youngest guests. Not only are the spacious rooms ideal for family vacations, but also special amenities such as children's menus, free cots and extra beds, coloring books and exciting children's entertainment are part of the end of some boutique hotels.

Design hotel or boutique hotel?

Good question. Often there is no correct answer, as a strict distinction between these two terms is not possible. Some accommodations are called Boutique Hotel as well as Design Hotel. Because even design hotels are subject to a unique and extraordinary design concept. A small but subtle difference that is usually recognizable at first glance is the size of the hotel. Design hotels are mainly used for large hotels or hotel chains and as we already know, boutique hotels are often the opposite. As a result, the naming or classification of these hotels usually depends on the marketing strategy of the respective hoteliers and can be very difficult to classify.


These hotels stand out from the wide range of hotels and can offer exactly the theme you are looking for for your vacation. The mix of personal touch and often listed accommodation are the best conditions for a city trip in metropolises around the world. So, if you are planning an exclusive vacation in a unique hotel, then boutique hotels are just the right choice and you will not be disappointed!