Furniture Boutique Art gallery, Shop: A 3 in 1 hotel!

The furniture she works with is usually destined for disposal or donation. Found, found, found or received, the furniture with which SophieK works is generally made of wood; “old pieces” forgotten or destined to be thrown away.

Some come from afar and find a second life after passing through his hands.

You thought you were getting rid of a piece of furniture? Give it to SophieK, maybe you’ll reconsider your decision.

Funny decoration

SophieK always has a ton of ideas in mind to bring an object back to life, customize or create new accessories. Photo holders, cushions, lamps, candlesticks,… discover her creations and let yourself be surprised! SophieK’s decorative objects are:

  • Unique
  • Originals
  • Homemade products
  • Recovered
  • and sometimes funny!


In the hotel corridors, you will find, exposed on both sides, the works of SophieK; those of her own creation, according to the moment, her imagination, her mood…

From time to time, other artists are also invited to exhibit their personal creations in the hotel corridors.

Moreover, many artists also exhibit at the Espace Raiffeisen in Champéry, an art gallery supported by this bank.


A gift idea: A personalized Portrait!

This is the opportunity to make a gift that is undoubtedly different and will make you 100% happy!

  • Personalized
  • Choice of Design
  • Choice of colours
  • Unique
  • Christmas, Birthday, Wedding
  • and any other event!
  • Parent, Grandparent, Friends, Dog or cat….

“All art is for the senses, first of all, more than the mind.”
[Francis Carco]

Formerly the Hôtel Beau-Séjour, since Sophie, alias SophieK, has been active in the hotel, it has been rejuvenated and now bears the name Art.Boutique.Hotel Beau-Séjour. One can discover a decoration shop and an art gallery that house unique creations. Since December 2020, the establishment has been awarded the mention “Superior” and has changed its name with the construction of its wellness or Spa area: Boutique Hotel Beau-Séjour and Spa.

SophieK has more than one trick in her bag!

SophieK, alias Sophie Kleinknecht Zurkirchen.

She has always loved to create, bring forgotten objects back to life, transmit a feeling or emotion through textures, colour, reveal the atmosphere of a room or the character of a piece of furniture. Supported by her husband Philippe, she shapes the furniture in her own way according to the colours chosen and according to the trend of the moment, the season or her desires.

A little bit of everything in the plastic arts field, she followed a training in interior design that reinforced her curiosity and her taste for creation in several artistic fields.

“Of Alsatian origin, I am fortunate to have been able to live in France, the United States, Madagascar and Switzerland.

After studying hotel management, I naturally pursue a second degree in interior design. I draw my inspiration from travels, architecture, words and encounters.

I like to create, to transmit something, an emotion, a feeling, a little bit of me. “SophieK

“I always have a ton of ideas in mind to bring an object back to life, customize or create new accessories. Photo holders, cushions, lamps, candlesticks,… discover my creations and let yourself be surprised! “SophieK

“Painting and manual work in general are for me a real need… a release. I compare that to sport. I need my monthly dose of sport and creativity. It is surprising to realize that one can get out of oneself hidden emotions, expressed through the brush or other techniques.

Without necessarily being figurative, my works/ canvases are a small piece of me, according to the desires and moods of the moment. There is always an idea behind it but not necessarily a meaning. I like the fact that everyone can see what they like.” SophieK

A hotel is a place of passage, full of stories and encounters, where people come and go, sometimes come and go, a place rich in emotions and humanity: a home far from home. What better way to bring his works to life than in a hotel?

If you want to know more, visit SophieK’s virtual gallery!

The Beau-Séjour is an Art-Boutique-Hotel.

You can find in situ creations signed SophieK: canvases, cushions, furniture, decorative objects…
Anything with a label can be purchased. If you do not find them right away, or if a price may be missing, please contact the hotel reception!

Exhibition and art gallery

SophieK creates for you, from one or more photos, according to your desires, a painting of friends, parents, children, sometimes even pets; in short, all the people you love and to whom you want to make an original gift.

In addition to custom portraits, you can also ask to receive an original drawing, such as VW Beetle? a Vespa? Mohamed Ali? Marilyn Monroe?

Custom portrait
Have SophieK do a precise portrait or painting. “Almost” anything is possible.

  • Choose a good quality digital photo of the person or thing to be painted
  • Choose a painting style from the Gallery and remember the name of the painting
  • Send these elements with your request by email or by post to SophieK

Reinterpretation of common objects
Do you have a piece of furniture, a lamp, a candle holder, an accessory that hangs around? Are you thinking of throwing it away?
Give it to Sophie:

  • Either it gives it a second life according to your tastes, your desires, your colours
  • Either you give it to him as a gift and trust him to give him a second life, elsewhere

SophieK regularly makes a donation against Cancer
For several years, having been affected by Cancer disease in her close circle of friends and family, SophieK has decided to make a regular contribution to the Swiss League Against Cancer. Thus, each piece of furniture sold is donated, especially when it is a piece of furniture that is left to him for free.

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