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Switzerland, destination par excellence for hikers Hiking in Champéry in the Swiss mountains in Valais

Swiss Cultural Diversity

All European Alpine countries are excellent choices for mountain hiking, but it appears that Switzerland is the best.

There are a number of reasons for this. The first and probably most important is its geographical location.
In a small geographical area, you can speak at least four languages at the same time: French, German, Italian and Romansh. Thus, most hikes will take you through more than one cultural region.

You can start in the morning where everyone speaks French, and in the afternoon be in a German or Italian culture.

The Bernese Oberland

The second reason is the topography.

There are many peaks above 4,000m, yet the valleys are located at 600m. This gives a rather impressive difference in altitude. Only a few places in Europe can offer this kind of impressive spectacle for mountain lovers. By the way, you can choose your vacation rentals in the mountains or chalets on teva-montagne.fr.

The Bernese Oberland and its surroundings are for example a world famous region for its spectacular mountains. It is a classic Swiss hiking region of the first class.

The "Alpine Pass", as it is known in French, or "Bärentrek" (bear trail) for the Swiss, is a two-week adventure through the heart of the Bernese Alps, while visiting the best mountains in the provinces of Uri and Bern.

The Swiss are Unique

Finally, it's the people. The Swiss have made hiking a tidy business. A significant portion of their national income is generated from the money brought into the country by hikers, visitors, skiers and tourists of all kinds. The Swiss are unique in Europe for their warm welcome. Making you feel welcome has become an art for this country.

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