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2020 | New momentum

hotel ete2021 2

New building and Spa

2020: It is the year of the great construction works!

Within 9 months, the Beau-Séjour will receive a new building called Chalet Neuf (as opposed to Vieux Chalet), which will house 10 additional rooms (the double rooms Confort) and a wellness area!

The desire to offer a wellness area to the guests of the house was considered for a long time. Eight years have passed since an idea became a project. Then we had to do some convincing, overcome many obstacles and manage a large construction site for a family hotel, but the result is here!

Our new spa is called "Nuage" (cloud). You can learn more about its concept on the corresponding page.

This development changes the face of the small family hotel a bit. HotellerieSuisse, the umbrella organization that awards the stars in Switzerland, awards the hotel 3 stars Superior, a distinction intended to confirm its excellence within the category of 3-star establishments.

In line with these changes, the name of the hotel has been updated and a modern, highly visible sign has been added to the facade.

The hotel is now called: "Boutique Hotel Beau-Séjour & Spa".

2014 – 2016 | Centenary

hotel VC ete01

A celebration for the 100th anniversary of the Beau-Séjour Hotel

2014-2016: Between these two years, the hotel will celebrate its 100 years. A century of history and thousands of people who have stayed within its walls!

2015 | Renovations

Vieux Chalet2015

The Vieux-Chalet's historic building gets a facelift

2015: The Vieux Chalet building receives a new roof and the façade is slightly transformed to accommodate the construction of 5 Lifestyle rooms inside. 2015 also rhymes with the arrival of Arnaud (Sophie's brother) in the growing family business. The 3 owners start to pool their work forces and their complementarities to initiate new projects and give this beautiful hotel the attributes that will make it an establishment well in its time, while preserving all the little details that made its charm.

2013 | Back to the past

Vieux Chalet 2013

The Vieux-Chalet returns to its original role

2013: The Vieux Chalet restaurant is taken over by the owners of the Beau-Séjour. The walled doors between the hotel and the restaurant are opened again, the walls are broken.

This new step allows the guests to enjoy a restaurant again from the inside, with a similar philosophy inherited from the management of the hotel.

2010 | New owners

Beau-Séjour 2006

A new story begins

2010: Sophie and Philippe take over the Hotel Beau-Séjour and become its fifth owners; at 27 and 28 years old, they are the youngest to take over the hotel. They give it a new youth by changing its name; it becomes the Art.Boutique.Hotel Beau-Séjour, but still remains the "Beau-Séjour" for the intimacy...

The beginning of a new story; a new era for the Beau-Séjour, that of presence on the Internet and social networks, while maintaining the philosophy of its predecessors: Charm and authenticity.

2004 | Modernization


Interior rejuvenation and refurnishing

2004: A new family takes over the Beau-Séjour; the Besseling family. She is French and has great taste, he is Dutch and is an excellent handyman. Between them they will give a real facelift to the Beau-Séjour hotel. With their own hands, they renovate one after the other the rooms and the various common parts. The tapestries of the 80's are replaced by white plaster and the dark woods are sanded or replaced by light wood. A lot of charming decoration, hearts everywhere; the beau-séjour will become the hotel of the hearts, and thanks to them, the hotel will be propelled towards an undeniable reputation.

The Beau-Séjour is divided


Major renovations and 3rd star

1981: Until this year, two generations of owners, the Défagos and the Curchods, followed each other. At that time, the new owners, the Avanthay family, decide to sell the restaurant and keep only the hotel.

All rooms were equipped with bathrooms, which earned the hotel a third star.

1941 | The Vieux-Chalet is expanding


A new space to welcome tourists

1941: A new family, the Curchods, took over the hotel and transformed the establishment, enlarging the Vieux-Chalet to create the entire concrete sub-base. The old Chalet comes to rest on it.

The Café-Restaurant Dancing Le Vieux-Chalet will become an essential place in the resort to welcome the crowd during memorable evenings thanks to various orchestras and music groups on a regular program.

1914 | The Beau-Séjour moves

Beau-Séjour 1920

Tourist development of the resort

1914: Ten years later, the development of tourism in this region on the edge of the Val d'Illiez led to envisage the construction of a new hotel complex consisting of a restaurant, a carnotzet and a hotel, on the other side of the road (uphill) to offer:

  • a bar and a carnotzet called "Le Vieux Chalet",
  • but above all hotel rooms with half or full board.

Thus was born the concept of warm beds that allowed the development of mountain tourism. The Hotel Beau-Séjour began to develop. However, during the period of World War I, Switzerland was running on fumes and work on the hotel ... as well.

1916: The Hotel Beau-Séjour is officially completed and inaugurated.

1904 | Guesthouse


Le Beau-Séjour; first a guesthouse, then a hotel

1904: It was at the very beginning of the 20th century that the name Beau-Séjour first appeared in Champéry. Built by a local family called "Défago", the building dating from 1861 was transformed in 1904 into a Chalet to welcome tourists and was called Pension Beau-Séjour.

At the end of the 20's the building was transformed and renamed "Hôtel de la Paix".

Boutique Hotel Beau-Séjour & Spa ***Superior More than 150 years of tourism...

In 1857, the first hotel was opened in Champéry. A gesture that will mark the start of tourism in this rural and mountain village located at the bottom of the Val d’Illiez, at the foot of the sept Dents-du-Midi massif and in the heart of the Chablais valaisan.

For many decades, Champéry’s beautiful tourist hours will be summery.

…and skiing in Champéry

Then the snow and the lifts as well as the cable car linking the resort to the Portes du Soleil ski area via Planachaux, will take over: Champéry then becomes a real ski resort, one of the essential links in the Espace Mont-Blanc chain.

At a time when tourism has exceeded 150 years of activity, the municipality of Champéry, like all those who have contributed to it, deserves recognition and gratitude for this development, which has been carried out in a harmonious manner, leaving this mountain village with all its charm and authenticity.