Climbing, Canyoning, paragliding and Via Ferrata in Champéry - Switzerland

In Champéry and its surroundings, there are many activities that offer a little adrenaline. Here are some of them.

Canyoning – Access to the course

The beginning of the route is located 1km before the village of Champéry, in the last hairpin bend towards Champéry.

Approaching the stream

When you look at the stream from the road, you can see the start, and get into the water quickly. Or, to go a little further, above the road, you can access by taking a path 30m to the right, towards Champéry. There, the path deviates from the stream. Then, at the first crossroads turn right and return to the stream when you reach an altitude of 1040m.

This part upstream of the road, starts with a pretty waterfall and is followed by a fairly long stretch of walking and de-escalation through slippery rocks. The entrance to the Canyon follows this passage, under the Champéry road, where the stream passes under 2 bridges. These bridges overlook some natural slides carved into the rock. Then, the water flows out and offers a multitude of waterfalls.


If you want to avoid an obstacle, you can exit the water at any time via the left bank.

Return to the vehicle

At the end of the route, a passage on the left bank goes up along the canyon. It takes about ten minutes to find your car.

Via Ferrata

The Via Ferrata de Tière faces the village of Champéry. It is located in an idyllic setting on the right bank of the river Vièze. Access is via the place called “Sous Sex” from where, in a little half an hour, you can reach the foot of the cliff. A special Via Ferrata signposting shows you the way, from Val-d’Illiez or Champéry.

The ascent begins by crossing the cliff and continues via a series of footbridges overlooking the waterfalls of the Tière torrent – an atmosphere guaranteed!

Then we find the rock face and, at the bend of a turn, it happens to make some surprising encounters… The landscape is sumptuous during the whole climb.

  • Length: 460m
  • Height difference: 125m
  • Altitude (arrival): 1126m
  • Average inclination: 75 degrees

Via Ferrata, what is it?

A hiking itinerary that is more or less equipped (depending on the difficulty proposed) by walking vertically or horizontally (across) along a rock face.

The ironworker progresses by placing his feet on cards, steps, metal steps and supports carved into the rock.

Sometimes you will have to cross particularly unstable footbridges, monkey bridges, beams with a lot of gas (empty) under your feet!
The metal parts that line the route assist the hiker and allow him to evolve in complete safety.
A cable is fixed along the route by means of pitons (or anchors) planted in the rock, approximately every 3 metres.

The Via Ferrata enthusiast must ALWAYS be attached to this “life line”.

Equipment rental

The equipment necessary for the practice of Via Ferrata (harness, lanyards, helmet) can be rented from the following partners:

Also, remember to wear good walking shoes and plan to hydrate and warm up if necessary.

Tandem paragliding flights

Practice paragliding safely. On site, Vincent Marclay will introduce you to the pleasures of a two-seater paragliding flight! Emotions and thrills guaranteed….

Fly Away Sports et Loisirs, Jean-Philippe Jaton. Reservation under +41 79 435 26 17

Gaëtan Avanthay. Reservation under +41 79 431 26 61

Vincent Marclay (Only weekends). Reservation under +41 79 478 92 66

Albert. Reservation under  +41 79 452 05 19

Flights and jumps

Mountain flights or tandem skydiving! Enjoy a panoramic mountain flight aboard the Pilatus PC6 Porter, enjoying the sublime scenery without having to jump or, on the contrary, discover freefall in complete safety and in a good mood from Bex aerodrome.

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