A wellness area Spa "Nuage" - a cosy wellness by Beau-Sejour; local alpine materials

Your Swiss Alpine Spa "Nuage"

The Beau-Séjour team is pleased to present the Swiss Alpine Spa; 120m2 built for and with you. Indeed, more than 250 guests and future guests have participated in the financing of this space dedicated to well-being thanks to a Crowdfunding.

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Bar du Spa
Chemin de Kneipp
Käsekessel im Spa

Spa "Nuage", what's the Concept

"Nuage": Cloud in french, An Alpine Spa around the theme of the 4 elements

The concept of the "Nuage" Spa (Cloud in french) was born in a place; the Boutique Hôtel Beau-Séjour, in Champéry, facing the Dents du Midi. The mountains face the building and are swept all year round by the 4 elements. The wind, the snow, the sun are the best representatives of them, without forgetting the clouds which sometimes caress these summits and can initiate long restful daydreams.

In Champéry there is also the earth, the mother of the richenesses the land offers, as well as the water of the Vièze river which flows through the valley after having travelled through the mountains.

There is now also the water of the "Nuage" in which one can rest while observing this nature swept by the elements.

So why the "Cloud"?" Admit that at least one was needed at the Portes du Soleil ("Doors of the sun") :-)

The decoration of the Spa Nuage:

It is inspired by the alpine setting in which it is located (old skis, natural materials such as wood or slate), but also by the 4 elements that make up, surround and nourish the surrounding nature.

The cloud is the symbolic element that we have decided to highlight by naming this place as such.

We give it a physical presence just above the jacuzzi basin, as a metaphor for the sensations one can experience in a Spa intended for rest and calm. The cloud represents a certain lightness, a fluffy, comfortable cocoon, which moves slowly in the sky, at a natural rhythm, the one we are looking for during our vacations or a moment of relaxation.

Wind and air are represented through decorative objects such as clouds, feathers, or metaphorically with the wall of scents.

Water is visually present in the space of the Spa within all the modules that contain it, in different forms and at different temperatures (jacuzzi, showers, floatation tank, foot baths, cauldron, ice fountain, hammam).

The fire takes its place in the resting room, in the form of a chimney, and under the cauldron in a voluntarily contradictory effect with the temperature of the pool.

We finally find elements representative of the earth in several places. First of all, the old cheese cauldron, the picture of Hubert, cheese maker and worthy representative of the valley's terroir, some craft tools, the old workbench and some pictures of cows.

Here are some indications:

Accessible to adults only (from 16 years old, accompanied by an adult up to 18 years old), you will find the following experiences:

  • Jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Hammam
  • Feet bath
  • Floatation tank
  • Salt bucket
  • Kneipp path
  • Cauldron | Reaction Basin
  • Scottish shower, Ice fountain
  • Tropicale shower, Cloud shower
  • Resting Room
  • Bank of Fragrances
  • Water Bar

This wellness area is non-naturist.

Indeed, in the Latin culture, it is not customary to propose naturist places, unless explicitly indicated on a specific experience (such as when there are two Saunas). It is accepted that people wishing to remove their bathing suit for the Sauna can do so, covering themselves with the towel.

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