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Attention, the spa is not naturist, (not textile free)

Jacuzzi - bubbles and water jets


Whirlpool and bubble bath for an intense water massage, either on the whole body in a lying position or on targeted areas in a sitting position.

Press the button corresponding to the desired area to enjoy the experience.

Benefits: Relaxes, relieves tension and gradually reactivates the body's circulation


Salt for a fully exfoliating scrub.
After 10 minutes of relaxation in the jacuzzi, hammam or sauna, and still wet, take a small amount of salt. Massage your skin with circular movements from bottom to top.

Avoid face and eyes. Rinse off in the shower with warm water before returning to the various areas of the Spa.

Benefits: Cleanses the skin, eliminates dead cells, provides mineral salts.

Kneipp path

Stimulate your foot arch by walking on various materials and textures.

Natural, modern and contemporary method based on the principle of stimulating the arch of the foot and bears the name of Abbot Kneipp who invented it.

Benefits: Activates the immune system, stimulates circulation

Infrared lamps

Like a little chick, let yourself be lulled by the warmth of infrared light and indulge in a pleasant re-energising break.

Press the white button to enjoy the experience.

Benefits: Eliminates toxins, body fat, muscular pain as well as physical and mental fatigue.



Steam bath according to ancient traditions. Sitting or lying down, on two heights, the hammam uses the beneficial effects of heat combined with 100% humidity.

Rinse the seat before sitting down.

Benefits: Frees the respiratory tract, opens the pores, eliminates toxins, purifies and tones the skin.

Ice Fountain + Scottish shower

Duschen und Eis v2

Ice Fountain

The ice flakes, applied by small massages on targeted areas or on the whole body, provoke a thermal contrast for a stimulating thrill.

Scottish shower

The bucket of cold water causes a thermal shock, a real invigorating and regenerating shiver.

Benefits: Activates circulation, relieves physical and muscular fatigue, reduces stress.

Relaxation area


Silence contains the most poetic words. Our relaxation area is an ideal place to relax, admire the landscape, read, dream and listen to the silence.


The fireplace has always been a meeting place within the family and even today it keeps its spirit of unity and sharing, giving a unique and cosy atmosphere. This space is created to warm your body, heart and soul and make you feel at home.


The foot bath is a preparation of the body for the sauna or hammam, with immersion in hot water, or natural gymnastics for the feet and calves by immersion in hot and then cold water.

Put your towel on the swing before sitting down.

Benefits: Relaxes the muscles and stimulates circulation



Dry heat bath of Nordic origin. Sitting or lying down, on two or three heights, the sauna uses the beneficial effects of heat.

Put your towel on the bench before sitting or lying down.

Benefits: Anti-stress, relieves muscular tension, eliminates toxins, purifies the skin and makes it soft, relieves respiratory problems and increases cardiac output.

Cauldron / Reaction basin

Immerse yourself in a basin of cold water. This ancient cheesemaker's copper cauldron, a symbol of tradition, pays homage to the region.

Benefits: Activates circulation, energizes and relieves physical fatigue.

Little bonus: Do the "Challenge du Chaudron"; take a picture of yourself during your experience and share it on social networks.

Table of Fragrances

Come closer and lift the lids to discover the scents of plants from the region and elsewhere. Let yourself be transported and enjoy the benefits of essential oils offered by aromatherapy.

Benefits: Essential oils have various therapeutic virtues. They generally strengthen the immune system; some are energizing, others are bactericidal or digestive.

Tropical shower + Cloud shower

Duschen und Eis

Tropical shower

A shower that creates a sensation of rain drops falling on your skin

Cloud shower

A shower of atomized water; a myriad of mini drops to give you a feeling of being wrapped in a cloud.

Benefits: Brings well-being and relaxation

Flotation tank


In a "Private Spa" area, you float on a brine of water and medicinal salt and experience total physical and mental relaxation.

Session of 15 minutes, with a choice of 4 themes including sound and light.

Please read the instructions carefully before starting the session.

Benefits: Increased release of endorphins, relief of the spine, muscles and joints.


Spa Bar

Water is one of the main components of our body, it helps to eliminate toxins and favors the transport of nutrients to the cells. A lack of water can lead to dehydration, preventing the body from functioning properly, causing fatigue and exhaustion.

Drink! Help yourself! The Spa Bar is yours.

Benefits: Stimulates the metabolism, gives the skin the right moisture, purifies the body and facilitates digestion, increases the body's energy and improves concentration