Flowers, in the decoration of mountain hotels Flowers, in the decoration of mountain hotels

Flora et Léo is a brand of online florists based in Montreal, if the site stands out by the originality of its bouquet selector, it is the quality of the blog that seduced us and prompted us to invite Flora to offer us a few lines:

Wrapped in a blanket of snow, the mountain hotel undoubtedly exudes an atmosphere and charm all its own. The refinement of the decoration is the key to the success of some establishments over others. This is one of Sophie's missions at Le Beauséjour, your favorite boutique hotel in Champery. Through the decoration that will give each room a different and unique style.

Today, mountain chalets and hotels adopt their own style and try to personalize each of their rooms by giving them a traditional look, anchored in the region or flowery and natural, approaching the natural side of the place.

A fresh and colorful bouquet of flowers is perfect in summer, but dried flower arrangements are nice all year round.

The flowers of the mountains

According to recent studies by American researchers (published in and cited by consoglobe, here ), there is a very large migration of flowers to the peaks, they flee the heat caused by global warming and seek the coolness of altitude higher and higher.

The inhabitants or hotel professionals in the mountains have different choices in the varieties of flowers to decorate their interior.
Among the most abundant flowers in high altitude is the Spring Gentian. This small azure blue flower blooms in early spring.
It brings the assurance of brightening up the meadows as well as the interior of the rooms. Next to it is the Pink Soapwort which is very remarkable for its pink color that evokes romance, seduction and softness.

There is also the cuckoo which is distinguished by its appearance, by its bright golden yellow color, it illuminates the nature and the interior decoration of a hotel.

Various varieties of flowers grow on the heights and are for the most part ideal for decorative purposes, but each person must find what best suits the image he or she wishes to convey.

Beyond these 3 mountain flowers, varieties such as Benoîte, Pulsatile or Myosotis will offer seductive alternatives.

Natural or dried, the important thing is that they give pleasure.

Decorate the interior with dried flowers

Natural flowers fade very quickly, are less abundant in winter, and present a specific investment for hoteliers. This is one of the reasons why many of them favor dried flowers, which are more economical and offer the possibility of original compositions

More durable, they have the capacity to embellish a room, a passage, a hotel reception room during a whole year.
Drying a flower is easy, there are many methods.

You can use glycerine, which you mix with hot water in a vase. You just have to put the flower in it and wait a little.

The herbarium method, even simpler, consists in placing the flower in a newspaper and crushing it between large books. After a few days, your dried flower is ready to participate in a framed composition or