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Here are the indicative rates of the Beau-Séjour, in summer and in winter. Our rates vary according to the season, the events and the occupancy level of the establishment. They are displayed in Swiss francs or CHF.

Please always check the price on the dates that interest you.

For information in Euro, please contact us directly or use the exchange rate calculator under this link: XE - exchange rate page

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Middles Season

Did you find us through a third party site? (Booking, Expedia or any other online reservation system). Do you appreciate the services we offer? Are you satisfied with our services? Then we strongly encourage you to book directly with us and would be more than happy to do something for you.

If you book directly with us, you win and so do we! You can also use websites such as the Dents du Midi Tourist Office or the Valais booking system: booking-valais.com, created by and for the Valais hoteliers in Switzerland.

If you are looking for all-inclusive ski packages, visit the promotions page.

We like to introduce our clients to the beautiful Dents du Midi region, its little corners of paradise, its history, as well as the special activities that can be practiced there; all this through our all-inclusive ski packages; our Nature Package or Discovery Package during the summer; the Ski en folie Package, Family Ski Package or Easter Holiday Package, perfect for family skiing with the kids These all-inclusive packages usually give you discounts for one-week stays, whether it's on the room, the lifts or other activities already included. A package is always more advantageous.

In general, don't hesitate to ask us for our best offers.