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Dream Team of our Swiss 3 star hotel in Champery

Since its construction and official opening in 1916, every generation of owners and employees of the Beau-Séjour has left a bit of its mark, its know-how and its heart in this century-old establishment.
Today, a small team of 5-7 people takes care of this old building filled with people with history.
This charming hotel has managed to keep a regular team over the years.

A loyal staff that makes up a team

Our chambermaids will take care of you by checking on your arrival that your rooms are clean and ready.

Our breakfast and reception assistants welcome you every day to serve you.

Alongside Sophie and Philippe is also Arnaud, who is none other than Sophie’s brother who joined the team in 2015. His arrival in the establishment makes the structure even more family oriented.
Sophie and Arnaud take care of the hotel together while Philippe manages the restaurant.

For us, a small team also means a team spirit, a spirit of family, where everyone helps each other to achieve the desired result, i.e. customer satisfaction and well-being. It is only by working hand in hand that we achieve the current result that has made the reputation of Beau-Séjour and a local hotel industry that works well.



Head of Housekeeping. Alice knows the hotel like the back of her hand and has been looking after its maintenance and cleanliness for many years. She will be happy to exchange a few words with you between doors.



Another Fairy of the house who makes sure that each room is made or redone to your liking. Not forgetting the common areas and the SPA of course!




Our youngest house fairy, who fills in or backs up during busy periods. She also welcomes our customers at the Champéry Escape Game.



Dedicated to your welcome. Pauline is a multi-tasker with many hidden talents.


Breakfast and Housekeeping

Breakfast manager and Housekeeping supervisor.

Action - reaction. July has her eye on everything, and puts her dynamism and pragmatism at the disposal of our establishment. She also assists us at the reception and is never short of ideas!



Emma is discreet. You'll come across her preparing the buffet and serving food. She always brings a smile each morning to share with you a positive vibe for your day.

Wondering who is who in the management trio? Arnaud and Sophie are brother and sister. Philippe and Sophie are a couple. Each of them has two little gnomes after them: 2 girls for Arnaud (Léa and Chloé) and 3 boys for Sophie and Philippe (Louis, Valentin and Robin)

For the 3 of us, a family structure is also a team spirit, a family spirit, where everyone helps each other to achieve the desired result, i.e. customer satisfaction and well-being.

To know a little more about each one:


A smile above all. Sophie is in charge of the front and back office as well as the administration. Good humour and organisation, spontaneity and responsiveness, she is everywhere - she is the Wonder Woman of the team.

In winter she makes our wonderful home-made cakes herself in high season.


Arnaud is in charge of ensuring the smooth running of day-to-day operations, from breakfast to reception, including the Spa and infrastructure maintenance.

Analytical brain, thoughtful mind, he is Mr. Numbers and Statistics: it is also the way of reason!


External representative, Mr Marketing, PR, big project manager and hotel MacGyver, he also manages all the technological aspects of our business - make an appointment if you want to be sure to catch him on the fly!!


Sophie and Philippe met at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne where they began training in the hotel industry and then held various positions in the field in Madagascar and Switzerland. Arnaud trained in management and administration in France and worked for 8 years in Barcelona before joining them in Champéry.

All three share a passion for the hospitality business and dreamed of one day being able to put their skills to work in their own establishment. This has been the case since 2010, the year in which they took over the Beau-Séjour.

In addition to the many responsibilities that are part of the management of the hotel, Sophie, Philippe and Arnaud obviously share some additional tasks. Sophie specializes in pastries and makes macaroons, tarts and fun muffins during the hotel's "Tea-Time". On his side, Philippe shows great talents as a handyman and a computer specialist. Arnaud, on the other hand, gives us the benefit of his analytical and creative mind. He has also become a "technical specialist of the Jacuzzi"!

The diversity of the profession is the reason why all three are very attached to it.

A non-linear professional curriculum

A non-linear professional curriculum

The accumulation of varied experiences has been the foundation of their careers.

After their hotel studies, Sophie began a second degree in interior design, with the aim, later, of having her own establishment and doing with it what she wants. After a career in events, Sophie returned to work at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) where she met Philippe who finished her studies.

Upon returning from an internship in a Lodge, Philippe is offered a position as General Manager at Madagascar or the beginning of his career; a turning point that will confirm his desire to break into the field of small hotels. Sophie then joined him and took up her position as Director of Accommodation and SPA.

Arrival in Champéry and implementation of the concept

After this enriching experience, returning to Switzerland, their entrepreneurial spirit quickly encouraged them to look for their own establishment. It is from the hands of former EHL alumni that they take back by chance in Champéry the object of their dreams on October 1, 2010!

In addition to the many responsibilities that are part of management, Sophie, Philippe and Arnaud obviously share some additional tasks. Sophie makes herself a pastry chef and makes macaroons, pies and fun muffins that feed the hotel’s “Tea-Time”. For his part, Philippe shows his talents as a handyman and computer scientist. Arnaud, for his part, gives us the benefit of his analytical and creative spirit and has become a “technical jacuzzi chef”! The diversity of the profession is the reason why all three of them are committed to it.